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Tequila is the recognized expression of the Mexican culture and a national emblem. Its elaboration has become a traditional art. Most of our tequilas are available in different stage of aging: Blanco, Reposado or Añejo. We have a selection of fine tequilas available for sale. Some of them are still produced traditionally and in small quantities, they are not exported and thus are available only in Mexico. It is a great choice for a very special gift.


Sweet digestive liquor with a taste of honey and a light anis flavor, it is made in Yucatan from fermented honey produced by a native stingless bee that pollinates the Xtabentun flower. It is said that, in pre-Columbian times, the Mayan used the fermented liquor as ceremonial nectar for its psychoactive components and its visionary and trance state effects. It is an authentic Mayan elixir from the Yucatan Peninsula.


The Mezcal that Los Cinco Soles has is one of kind as it can only be acquired in Mexico. Mezcal is known for it’s smokey taste as it is cooked in a stone oven that gives it classic taste. The Mezcals offered are of the quality in not only the Yucatan Penisula but in all of Mexico.


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