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First, let’s talk about the manufacturing of vanilla extract. The vanilla bean is macerated (chopped up) and added to a mixture of water and ethyl alcohol and allowed to soak. In our case, we only use organically grown Mexican vanilla beans. The reason for cutting up the bean is to expose more of its surface area (and its flavor compounds) to the water and alcohol mixture. The reason both alcohol and water are used in soaking the bean is that a few of the flavor compounds dissolve better In water, while most of the flavor compounds dissolve better in alcohol. The fact that most of the compounds dissolve better in alcohol is the reason that the US FDA mandates that all vanilla extract must be made from “no less than 35% alcohol.” That is the minimum requirement; higher alcohol content in the soaking solution produces higher concentrations of the flavor compounds and a better flavor.

However, the fact that our finished vanilla extract shows a small 8% alcohol content on the label does not mean that we only used an 8% solution to soak the beans in; we actually use 100-proof rum (rum that’s 50% alcohol by volume) and a little water in which to soak the beans. Once they have finished soaking, we then remove most of the alcohol and water, concentrating the vanilla extract into a rich, full-bodied nectar. Then, we add a small amount of alcohol back into the nectar (8% by volume) to preserve the extract and maintain its uniformity.

Our vanilla comes in 1liter and 500 ml, bottles available online and 250 ml and 60ml bottles in addition to the larger sizes offered in each store.

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Pure Mexican Vanilla Do You Know The Many Uses?

An Aphrodisiac

Want to attract attention with the opposite sex? Maybe even bring that special someone into your life? Wear some vanilla. As early as the 1600’s, Vanilla has been used to ‘’stimulate the sexual propensities.”

An Antacid

Add a few drops to pineapple, fruit salads, or sauces containing citrus, to soften the sharpness and give it extra sweetening. Put a little vanilla in tomato sauces to neutralize the acidity.

A Lifter and Enhancer

Add vanilla to give new "life" to flavorless seasonal fruits or other foods that need a flavor boost. Did you know that chocolate by itself tastes "flat" which is why it usually contains vanilla?

An Emulsifier

Add vanilla extract to egg batters (sweet or savory), waffle or pancake mix, baked goods, or cream sauces to smooth and blend overpowering flavors.

A Natural Sweetener

Add a few drops of vanilla to vegetables, sweet potatoes, and salad dressings. It increases the natural sweetness of vegetables and provides a delicate, subtle flavor to salads.

An Adjunct Flavor For Seafood, Fowl, and Meat

Use with roasted, sautéed or barbequed meats, poultry, wild game or seafood. Split a vanilla bean and place it in a bottle of olive or other quality oils for sautéing meats, poultry, or seafood, or add a few drops of vanilla extract to cooked fish, fowl, or game as well as to sauces and marinades.

A Stomach Sedative

Add pure vanilla extract to mineral water or apple juice to settle a nervous stomach. To soothe and please cranky, teething or sick children add a few drops of vanilla to their milk or juice.

A Natural Calmative

Place several vanilla beans in a bottle or jar. Use as aromatherapy to soothe jangled nerves. Sloan-Kettering and other medical facilities use the vanilla aroma to calm patients undergoing MRI and CAT scans.

Burn Your Tongue On Pizza Or Hot Food?

Put a few drops of vanilla on your tongue to ease the pain and soothe the burn.

Love The Flavor Of Chilies But Can't Take the Heat?

Sweet neutralizes heat: add some vanilla to soften the bite but bring out the sweetness and flavor of the peppers.

Bugs Or Spiders Living On The Underside of Your Furniture?

Add a vanilla bean or two to your furniture polish. Apply to both sides of your furniture. Bugs don't like the smell and will leave, whereas you will have the sweet smell of vanilla lingering in the air.

Smell Of House Paint Too Strong?

Add a tablespoon of vanilla extract to a gallon of paint to help cut the smell.

Want to Disguise Your Scent When Fishing?

Rub vanilla on your hands before handling your fishing line. Lots of seasoned fishermen and women use this trick.


Find all of the tools and hard to come by cooking ware so that you can recreate the wonderful meals you experience while in the Yucatan Peninsula. With an authentic coco maker, crushing stones, and tornialla makers to serving plates, dishes, and bowls you will be prepared to taste Mexico in your home.


The textile artisans of Mexico have a rich history that dates back to the beginning of time. They have continued on their family traditions and created beautiful table cloths and place mats that reflect their heritage. A large assortment of napkins and other textile masterpieces can turn a regular home into a enlighted space that is inspired by the ancient Gods of the Mexican ancestors.


Take the taste of Mexico home with you through our wide selection of Mexican ingredients that will add the edge to your next salsa or Mexican meal. All ingredients are grown by local families and farmers and are approved for exportation. If you want the best Mexican food thet you need to let Los Cinco Soles help with our ingredients only found fresh in Mexico.


México is well known for growing & producing some of the best coffees in the world. We have assembled a gourmet sampling of the best flavors, beans & grinds. The perfect gift or treat! Café Óptima Chiapas is a local represented brewer that brings you the exuberance of the Chiapas Mountains, in the fragrance and flavor of selected Café Optima beans cultivated by native hands. It is in complete harmony with nature. They make reusable gift bags and boxes! Café Caribe is a strong, well-balanced, full-flavored gourmet Mexican coffee that is locally toasted and packed.


The Mayans were one of the first known growers and consumers of chocolate. Chocolate was a symbol or power and cacao beans were often used as currency on the trade route from South to North America. As in pre-Columbian times, Mexican chocolate is often mixed with spices like cinnamon, chile powder, anis seeds, allspice and vanilla to enhance its flavor. It is used in traditional dishes like the Mole Poblano as well as to prepare the popular hot chocolate drink, one of the world’s favorite treat! Kaokao’s chocolates are made here on the island. From cocoa beans of the Chiapas and Tabasco region, this chocolate is hand-made in small batches with the best natural Mexican ingredients.

Salsas and cooking sauces

These products are processed following a traditional recipe of the region. The Orange Habanero Chili, mixed with other varieties of supreme ingredients, adds a flavorful accompaniment to your favorite dishes.

Mexican Candies

Our candies come from different states of México. Made out of fruits, chocolate, nuts, and regional ingredients, these treats recall the simplicity of the Mexican culinary tradition.


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