Silver & Handmade Jewelry

From Pre-Hispanic times, Mexican jewelry has left its mark around the world. Silversmiths and artisans from around Mexico still offer us their adornments for our pleasure.

Sterling .925 Collection

Mexico is known for being a country with large, important silver deposits and for its long tradition of jewelry making. Mexican silver is recognized worldwide for its .925 purity and for the huge variety of designs and techniques used in the crafting of each of the pieces. Most of our silver comes from Taxco, Aguascalientes, and Guanajuato, Mexico. For hundreds of years, these cities have been the places where silver is mined and crafted into beautiful jewelry. Our suppliers work directly with silversmiths and designers, and our buyers hand-pick each piece for its uniqueness, quality and beauty.

D’Escorcia Collection

Oscar Figueroa Escorcia, creator of D’Escorcia, was born in Taxco, Mexico and grew up in a silversmith environment. At 19, he began creating his jewelry line, which is known for its sleek and elegant lines and contemporary designs.

Citlali Collection

Citlatli (meaning “star” náhuatl) was founded in Mexico in 1968 by Francisco Sanchez, who still designs with daughter Rosana. Nature is their source of inspiration. Master craftsmen create unique and original designs transforming them into beautiful pieces of jewelry. Only .925 silver and all natural stones are used in the Citlali collection.

G. Sanchez Collection

Daughter of the renowned designer Francisco Sanchez (Citlali), Gabriela takes her inspiration from daily life: dreams, children, laughter. Preserving her roots and Mexican traditions is important to Gabriela. All her jewelry is sterling silver and natural stones and amber from Chiapas, Mexico.

Handmade Collection

Excavation of Pre-Columbian gravesites show us that they, like all know ancient cultures, adorned themselves with ornaments made primarily of clay, bone, and various metals including gold. Artisans have never stopped making rings, neckpieces, earrings, bracelets, etc. and while some are exact replicas of prehispanic pieces, the creativity and materials used today offer an infinite variety of designs for all who treasure handmade jewelry. Los Cinco Soles offers an endless selection of pieces from cottage workshops throughout Mexico: “Chaquira” beadwork from the state of Puebla, glass-fusion pieces from Merida, Yucatan, and ceramic, clay, papier mache and metal designs, many truly art to wear, in contemporary and Mexican themes from the talented jewelry artisans of the state of Jalisco.


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