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Mayólica is the Spanish name for tin-glazed earthenware. Synonymous terms for this type of pottery are maiolica, majolica, faience, and delftware. In Mexico, it is most frequently called talavera, after the town of Talavera de la Reina, in Spain, the original home of the artisans who moved to Mexico in the 16th century and began producing earthenware made by this technique. These potters established themselves in Puebla, Mexico and the style of earthenware they produced is now known as Talavera Poblana. Our talavera is lead free, oven and dishwasher safe!

Mexican Kitchen Crafts

Mexico never has to be far away with all of the kitchen crafts, cooking aids, and cooking books that Los Cinco Soles offers. Your home can be just like any Mexican haciendas with a large selection of plates, glass, and cooking aids. Don’t forget the cook books and ingredients that can only found in Mexico.


The tools and methods used to produce hand-blown glass are virtually the same as in the 16th century; only the fuel that is used today has changed (gas vs. wood or coal). With enormous skill, glass artisans transform lifeless, recycled glass into beautiful sparkling, functional objects. Los Cinco Soles’ traditional blue-rimmed glassware is a customer favorite and many of them return every year to add to their collection. Our tablecloths, placemats and napkins, are produced from artisans’ cooperative cottage workshops on handlooms. All are 100% cotton, and while requiring a bit more care than their synthetic counterparts, they will give distinction to your tabletop.


These wonderful picture frames, candleholders, trays and serving dishes are all made of hand-cast aluminum and are often called “Mexican Pewter.” These outstanding designs are among our most popular accessories for the home. To maintain their characteristic shine, wash by hand, buff dry with a soft cloth, and never use them to serve acidic foods.

Wall Hangings

Collage collection

The artisans of Collage Collection work sheets of tin into 3-dimensional decorative and colorful wall hangings. Nature is their inspiration. From sea life, animals, plants and celestial bodies, every piece is hand cut and individually painted.


The Olmec stelas (stone monuments) of La Venta in Tabasco depict the use of garments made from bark cloth as early as 3,200 years ago. In those pre-Hispanic times, bark cloth, or bark paper, was used for ritual offerings, priestly attire, tribute payments and writing material. The pictorial manuscripts we now call codices were also written on this bark paper, which the Aztecs called amate. During the Spanish conquest and colonization, the Spanish priest burned almost all of these amate codices, the ritualistic use of amate was prohibited, and the use of paper was restricted to the “official paper” coming from Spain. However, the clandestine production of the amate by the Otomi people of San Pablito, Puebla and its use by the Nahuas of Tepoztlan, Guerrero, helped the traditional manufacture and use of the bark paper stay alive. The 1960’s saw the birth of a new handicraft using amate, when the Nahuas started using the paper for their traditional paintings. This new handicraft rapidly became very popular. It has since become internationally recognized as a fine example of Mexican folk-art and is sought avidly after by collectors worldwide. As one of the most versatile handicraft materials, you can find it used in a variety of sizes and products; from lamps, light boxes, and wall hangings, to notebooks, stationary, or just raw, un-worked paper for your own art projects.


Martin Garcia

Los Cinco Soles is proud to present the original designs of Martin Garcia. Since 1994, the Garcia family has been crafting exquisite handmade pottery ware in their workshop in Jalisco. Each piece is handmade and unique; all are very traditional works executed in a very modern style. Any of Martin Garcia’s pieces will bring style and elegance to your home.

Ceramica Ayon

The Ayon family who inherited the tradition of molding clay crafts the pieces in this collection. Each piece is molded by hand, baked and finally given its special finish that characterizes it.

Arcilla Mexicana

This line of home décor accessories is one of the best example of the Mexican traditional pottery design for the modern home. Low-fired and polished to give it its distinctive finish, it is hand-decorated with natural fibers like henequen and waxed cotton cords.


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