Whether you’re searching for authentic (but still fashionable) Mexican traditional embroidered clothing or the leading contemporary designers of Mexico’s colorful and carefree resort fashions, you won’t want to miss Los Cinco Soles Boutique. There are dresses and shirts for children, the traditional front-pleated guayabera shirts for men, beautiful shawls or rebozos and accessories such as purses, bags, hats, and hair ornaments.

Ready to wear

You will find Los Cinco Soles clothing lines to be the finest in the country. All styles are specifically designed and manufactured with 100% cotton, known as “manta corrugada” or “crinkly gauze”. Our talented designers lend their individual interpretations to styles, colors and combinations of these fabrics. The clothing is completely washable, will not shrink and, best of all, NO IRONING is necessary. All our cotton gauze is breathable, and nearly maintenance free, making it perfect for all your travels.

Traditional Mexican fashion

Artisanal huipils from the states of Chiapas, Oaxaca and the Yucatan peninsula are the most popular with visitors today, and most villages, (and their female inhabitants) can be identified by the village’s distinctive huipil. From the heavier weaves of highland Chiapas, the lighter but heavily adorned with ribbons and embroidery tunics from Oaxaca, to the almost sheer white cotton tunics from Yucatan (bright flowers embroidered at both neckline and hem) and Campeche (same as Yucatan but using the cross-stitch). Workmanship sourced by cooperative village groups in Chiapas, Oaxaca, and Yucatan, we are proud of our artisans and the product they provide us and the fact that they receive a fair payment for their craft. We are especially proud of the work being done in Oaxaca by Artehuaxyacac.


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